Youth Month

Every year on 16 June South Africa commemorates the 1976 Soweto uprising to pay tribute to learners who stood up against the apartheid government. Over forty years have passed, the word has changed but we remember and celebrate our youth and all the power they have to make a difference.

With the assistance of technology the youth have a bigger voice now than ever. They are the future. We strive for our children to learn from our experiences in life; to be better and do better. The world is ever changing and our youth are trying to find their identity in a world that spins faster than ever before. 

For a lot of young people makeup is a powerful tool. It is a way to explore their creativity and identity. It is a way of inspiring confidence. Embrace the beauty you were born with.

As a young woman, I have only just begun to discover who I am. I found PMU and have now begun my makeup journey. Taking part in in the makeup 101 lessons has let me explore myself. Pieces of me that I once couldn’t stand, I am learning to embrace and love. I am growing more confident and empowered. I am discovering that when you learn to love the parts of yourself that you once disliked it is easier to see beauty in everyone. 

My experience with PMU so far as been extremely personal and I am proud to support a brand that offers such great products and supports the individuals growth in makeup application. I will confidently say that PMU products are as amazing as the service. I received my products and am totally in love! I have the means to embrace my natural beauty and explore with fun crazy colours. The products are great for people with sensitive skin and are ethical in every way.

I am so greatfull that the beginning of my journey has been off to a good start. I encourage anyone who wishes to begin their makeup journey consider PMU to be their first choice whether you want to explore makeup for yourself personally or you wish to become a makeup artist.

As a young woman I will be celebrating my youth this month and my celebration will be colourful!

-Holly Blindell