News and Notices About PMU Products and Services During and After Lockdown.

15 June 2020

Dear Valued Clients

I would love to offer more positive news, but despite many South African businesses being able to resume work in the Lockdown Level 3, we have not been able to replenish supplies of popular foundation shades. For more detail on how we were been affected, please see my public notice in May.

Without foundation, many of our customers are, understandably, holding back on other less-needed makeup items, so we are facing an even more challenging time than before.

PMU Matte Liquid Foundation is sold out in Vanilla Drop, Soft Wheat, Light Wheat, Natural Wheat and soon, we will run our of Wheat.
If you have missed previous notices, please note that this range is being replaced with a better, more advanced oil-free formula – PMU Oil Free Radiance; however, this too is currently sold out in the same shade range, and the replenishment is still an unknown date.

Popular replacements (although very limited in stock) are Mineral Liquid Powder Foundation or Creme Stick Foundation. Please send me your WhatsApp number and best times to call, and I will contact you to ask a few questions and see if I can assist you with an interim solution.

Kindest regards,

Joy Terri

*If you wish to know more about why/how product supply has been affected, I will be posting notices on this page.

18 May 2020

Dear Valued Clients

Despite the good news last week about e-commerce now open to trade during the South African COVID-19 lockdown at level 4, nothing has yet softened the blow for PMU.

The PMU product formulation is not locally manufactured, and replenishing imported supplies is not yet possible.* Makeup products are also not “essential items” on the long list of cosmetics.

Not having recovered from the loss of sales during load shedding and the knock-on effect in South Africa, small businesses in the makeup and hair industry have been struggling to survive the lockdown and are not sure how much longer they can. Your support and patience in these times will be deeply appreciated.

Please keep in mind that the entire supply chain has been impacted by COVID 19, and the overseas makeup laboratories were affected long before South Africa’s lockdown, when at that time, we already desperately needed several of our main-selling shades. Consequently, PMU has had no advantage, even during that small window of panic-ordering before our lockdown.

Your “Makeup Team” is now down to one woman, two hands and the same amount of hours in the day. Please bear with me while I restructure in an attempt to survive in our new environment.

Long before the days of launching the PMU brand in, my quest was to find clients the finest product formulations that offered a superlative finish, even on sensitive skin, along with expert advice provided through workshops, lessons, or my trained teams of makeup artists/consultants. On this task, I remain equally committed as you have remained loyal. No day passes without my appreciation of your support.

I wish for us to all stay safe and successfully fight this battle together, and I thank each of you for your understanding.

Kindest regards

Joy Terri

*If you wish to know more about why/how product supply has been affected, I will be posting notices on this page from later today.

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