If you have been thinking about a new, exciting career in make-up you’ve come to the right place! For 25 years, PMU has been setting the standard in the make-up industry. We offer professional courses for make-up artists, as well as shorter courses for individuals who wish to beautify and enhance their features. This is backed up by top quality make-up products that guarantee a superlative finish for both everyday wear and professional use.

There’s far more to makeup than what meets the eye. According to the founder of PMU, Joy Terri, anyone can learn to “apply” makeup, but neat and blended applications don’t always lead to a successful makeup career. The fine and skilful techniques required by top makeup artists do not develop in just a month or two; they may require months of continual practice, just as with any other art form. Successful artists learn to see more than what the untrained eye sees. They design original art with each new face encountered and develop their own makeup style that sets them apart from their competition.

Want to become professional in makeup artistry now?

To access the Beyond Artistry online school you need to register first. You will then have access to media, tips from the pros and competitions.

To enrol in the Beyond Artistry online Makeup Diploma course. You will have access to career study material, pro tips and examination tests.

Once you successfully complete your Beyond Artistry makeup course, PMU sends you your certificate and you are ready to start your career.

What careers can you pursue as a professional makeup artist?


If you love fashion and have a flare for style, you can become a fashion makeup artist, working on models for advertising or production companies, fashion designers, photographers and beauty editors. Work includes printed media and TV commercials.


If you love a challenge, enjoy a variety of makeup styles and thrive under pressure, you’ll enjoy working as a make-up artist in this environment. You are exposed to working on a wide variety of models, actors and actresses of all ages, TV presenters and guests.


If you love the idea of live performances and the creation and application of the makeup for actors, actresses, dancers, singers and bands, you’ll love to work backstage. The make-up is heavy, intense and effective from a distance and under the powerful stage lights.